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Nowhere - Now, here (2004)
In: Composing Europe, ed. Roland Schatz, Innovatio Verlag, 2004

Essay about misunderstandings and prejudices between the arts and the businesses. And about how art can teach us to understand the Other and deal with complexity in modern life.

Nowhere - Now, here
PDF-file, less than 1 mb

The essay was written in relation to the European-Identity Cultural Caravan (EICC) and appears in an anthology that was presented at the European Summit of World Economic Forum in Warsaw 28-30 April 2004.


I was part of European-Identity Cultutral Caravan (EICC), which was truly an experience for life. I wrote the essay in 1½ days after getting back from the journey, exhausted and ill.
But it was definitely fun.

Read my large front page feature from the caravan (Danish only)

Read my interview with Roland Schatz, co-organiser of EICC
(Danish only)

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