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These are a selection of my published jounalistic articles.

Musikkens dna
In: Politiken, 19.2.2006, section 2, p. 1 (the front page)
Danish version |

Hedder din drømme-dj Pandora?
In: Politiken, 19.2.2006, section 2, p. 2
Danish version |

Den sidste avantgardist
In: Politiken, 14.1.2006, section 2, s. 6
Danish version |

'Hvordan har han fået bjørnene ned i båden?'
In: Zoom - Alt om Digitalfoto, issue 5/2005, pp. 18-22
Danish version |

"Da jeg fik børn, stoppede jeg med at lave krig"
In: Zoom - Alt om Digitalfoto, issue 4/2005, pp. 18-22
Danish version |

Tom Ang - Manden bag linsen
In: Zoom - Alt om Digitalfoto, issue 3/2005, pp. 22-25
Danish version |

Eksperimentet i Liseleje
In: Politiken, 12 December 2004, p.5
Danish version | English translation

Visioner med frustrationer
In: Politiken, 16 April 2004, p.1-3
Danish version |

»Vi har en europæisk identitet, men vi ved det ikke«
In: Politiken, 16 April 2004, p.3
Danish version |

Kærlighedens tale
In: JyllandsPosten, 2001
Danish version |

Den måde mennesker behandler hinanden på
In: Aktuelt, 23 August 2000, p. 11
Danish version |

Kære voldsmand
In: Berlingske Tidende, 1999
Danish version |


< 'The DNA of Music'. About The Music Genome Project and Pandora.com.

< 'Is your dream DJ Called Pandora?'. A how-to about Pandora.com.

< 'The Last Avantgardist'. Portrait/orbituary about UK artist John Latham, 1921-2006

< 'How Did He Get The Bears into the Boat'. Int. with photographer George Logan

< "I Stopped Doing War When I Got My Children". Int. with photographer J. Ladefoged.

< 'Tom Ang - The Man Behind the Lens'. Interview with photographer Tom Ang

< 'The Experiment in Liseleje ' about Organisational Art Summit 2004

< 'Visions with Frustrations' about European- Identity Cultural Caravan, EICC, 2004

< »We Have a European Identity but We Don't Realise It« Int. w/ Roland Schatz, EICC

< 'The language of love'
about how we articulate affection

< 'The Way We Treat Other People' - about clashes between high/low culture

< 'Dear Assailant' - about when me and my family was attacked on the street

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