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s t o l : Hemisphere Constructor
Recorded at the Violent Playground Studio 2003

Cover art work by nulsum.org - press thumbnails for larger image.
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Issue 03/2004 (ranking: 3/5)
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Hemisphere Contructor
In an attic near the sky
a futile scheme begins:
to redesign the urban space
in shape of erratic headspace
With a spine like a broken vector
the Engineer toils for new world order
Still forgetting his wife & kid
in another building called reality
At night his fathers face in the mirror
burns like a virtual stalagmite
never letting him forget
how architecture in mind
can be so cruel & kind
for he who pushes metal
to a perpetual dream.

In his early days he searched for ways
to describe his haze - a gauzy gaze

& he studied the works of many hands
& found a way to speak
but when learning of metaphors
he was puzzled by the fact
that a sun could burst into tears?

So with sore eyes he looked so hard
that his inner fluxhouse was torn apart
& at last he grasped what it meant
but all his tears were spent
& the sun inside him turned black.

In the rush of undeserved beauty
the animal felt a seldom pity
And started to reason:
fame is a whore
shame is a bore
lame is so much more!

But in the mercy of the glass
he started to feel his ass
& thought implausible, impossible:
I want the wanting
I need the needing
& he started drinking
the bitter grape of human rape.

Network Smoothsayer
As she changed from BBC to CNN
her grey lips made her pretend
With a heart unlike the one of Poe
she gave integrity a final blow
and spread lies in a broadcast
for the high, the low & the outcast:

“It’s true this time: They turn water to wine”
“Listen to what they say: Makes cancer go away!”
“No corruption, pollution, misery or illusion!”
“There’s life on mars – happiness & shooting stars!!”

She fed the hunger for mental smut
and no producer would tell her “cut”
So she stayed on air for a lifetime
& brought so many peace of mind
When she was asked about the lies
she only said: “flies, flies, flies…”

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I am currently one half of Copenhagen duo s t o l (the other half being musical genius Michael Schoubye). I write the lyrics and sometimes lay out a concept or some rules to play by.

Stol stands for short take-off and landing; in Danish it also means ‘Chair' and 'Trust'.











< This review is actually funny because the reviewer partly accused us of plagiarising Depeche Mode's 'Exiter' - but we made this material two years before it came out. He also gets the names wrong, but is quite positive still.


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