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Situation for music (2004-)

Act 1
A number of dots are separated by walls of white noise. Looking from above, they form a circle although this is a coincidence. The dots are not aware of anything, not even themselves or the surrounding walls.

Act 2
Suddenly, after millions of seconds (or days), there is a disturbance in the system. Something unknown in the middle of the circle emits strange waves. These waves communicate at random to the dots. The walls crumble and fall apart.

Act 3
The dots are filled with awareness of their peers and start communicating with sound. In the centre of the circle, the original waveform fuses with the polyphony of the dots. The new sound rises and leaves the system.

Act 4
The synthesised tune spreads out in unknown space. It encounters other tunes and sometimes harmonies emerge. Other times … silence or unbearable noise. After a long journey the tune settles down in an area seemingly of white noise.

- Condition A
Each dot must be represented with a specific note that forms a theme when played together.

- Condition B
It must appear that the story repeats itself after act 4 (only in a slightly different form).

- Condition C
When listening to the final music piece, the listener must be able to recognise the four acts (when having read the script).

- Lyrics (optional)
“more wants more wants more”
“more wants more wants more”
“more wants more wants more”
… etc.

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This work is still in the process of being interpreted into music. It is a rather ambitious attempt to turn academic insight into music.

The idea came about when I was working on my Master's thesis and was reading about the Situationists and related stuff.

Michael from s t o l is working on it. Only he knows if it is possible but, agreed, it's a tough one.




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