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Rum Skab Værelse (2002-2004)

This is my most comprehensive fictional work to date. It meditates the fact that most important words in the Danish language has either 'rum', 'skab' or 'værelse' as a suffix, hence the title (which rougly translates into 'Space Closet Room'). All the terms are 'roomy' terms which that opens up for some playing around.

It is also a field-novel (describing a field rather than a narrative - to reflect a contigent reality) and one of the first hypertext-novels in Danish (actually it's the only one I know of). Dowload the novel below and distribute it freely. You may also see the illustrations to one of the texts or a list of words the end with 'rum', 'skab' or 'værelse'.

Rum Skab Værelse
PDF-file. Less than 1 MB.
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Illustrations to the text 'Opholdsrum'
By Ruben Bjerg Hansen / Pladen.
Follow the link (Danish).
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List of Danish words that end with 'rum', 'skab' or 'værelse'
Notepad-file. The list is long, yet still incomplete as language mutates constantly. Close the new window to return here.


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