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This is an archive of my fictional writing.

Text ... is text. Since 1995, I have written seriously in multiple genres and forms (even added af few new ones, I believe). Everything you find here is in Danish but you may look for small comments in the column to the right.


Noir trilogy
Three texts from a larger coherent short story-project with the working title 'Crawler Lane' (work in progress)

Rum Skab Værelse
My most comprehensive fictional work so far. It is a hypertext novel inspired by Jan Kjærstad's idea of the 'field novel' (cf. Peer Hultberg's 'Byen og Verden').

Tekster 2000
A few selections from some of my early work.

Navnebarnet og det Trivielle Tivoli
A children's book with illustrations by Ruben Bjerg Hansen / Pladen.




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