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Reality sampling (2004)

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Three pieces I did for Minimalportal. Please notify me if any of these images violate a copyright restriction.

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Translation: 'Charlie the Dancing Bear'

Life is a foxtrot.
They call you dancer,
but you keep making the wrong moves.
(Charlie is a sloth bear*)

*In Danish a sloth bear is called a 'lip bear'.


Translation: 'Kut'

When the American troops entered Kut*, they were met by old, saggy patrols, who surrendered by the sound of sweet words. Despite weak resistance, the penetration was tough, but is now complete due to the American persistence. The dust from the allied cannons has not settled down, but Kut has long been dry and abandoned.

*Kut is also Danish regional slang for vagina.

Translation: 'Holy Army'

Left: Jim had raped a couple of girls in college. He now feared that the Man Upstairs would let him suffer a horrible death.

Mid: Sure, Jack was an atheist, but in fear of his fanatic adversaries he agreed to recieve God's blessing.

Right: Joe was the leader, always at the front. Seven years ago he was facing a Buddhist monk. Inflation had since then eaten his company and he had been separated from Grace.